Long Lasting, Ultimate Performance

UniZinc™ is a high-quality Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium alloy steel, tested and manufactured for the harsh Australian conditions. It is a long-lasting Roofing, Walling and Rainwater solution designed for the Australian landscape.


UniZinc™ is produced for applications requiring outstanding corrosion resistance and ensures long-lasting ultimate performance.



Our Promise

Each location and application of a UniZinc™ product is unique, which is why we offer a range of warranties to suit your needs. In order to obtain a more specific warranty you’ll need to fill out a few details via our Online warranty form. This helps us understand more about where your UniZinc™ product will be located, the type of design or pitch, as well as other variables so we make sure you get the right warranty.

Technical Information+

Technical Information

For those who like the finer details

TECHNICAL – Independently lab tested to ensure ultimate performance in the harsh Australian environment.

SUBSTRATE  –  Hot-dipped Aluminium / Zinc / Magnesium alloy coated steel coil, 125gms/m2 coating weight. Manufactured to AS1397:2011.

CORROSION RESISTANCE – With the addition of magnesium to aluminium, UniZinc™ stabilises the self-sacrificial corrosion of zinc on the coated surface and on scratches or cut edges that can occur during manufacturing or installation on-site. It offers outstanding corrosion resistance.

HEAT RESISTANCE – UniZinc™ offers outstanding heat resistance. Such characteristics are attributed to the high aluminium content (80% of surface volume) in the coating layer which is ideal for applications exposed to high temperatures over extended periods of time.

HEAT RESPECTABILITY – UniZinc™ offers excellent heat respectability and can be used in roofing or walling to save on energy costs associated with cooling or heating.

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